Thursday, October 4, 2007

I Miss You, Grandma....

Someone called me feisty tonight. That word totally reminds me of you, grandma. When someone asked you how you were, you always replied, "Oh, fat and sassy!"

I still really, really miss you, grandma. I miss the sparkle in your eyes, how you'd say "I love you, Chrissy", how your love for me was always unconditional.

I miss your feistyness. I miss your loyal unwavering love for your family and the glue that you were for all of us.

I miss how you would scrunch up your face and circle a clenched fist in the air to show the fight in you.

I miss how you would belt out your favorite songs at church, especially "How Great Thou Art." Your voice could be heard above all others!

I miss your listening ear and the pragmatic advice that always grounded me.

I miss how you'd say when looking right into my eyes dreamily with your chin propped on your hand, "Honey, you're so cute. You're such a good granddaughter."

And your favorite saying pops into my mind and onto my lips frequently: "That's the way it goes."

I miss you so much.

But you were wrong about something. Something else you'd always say......"It's a great life if you don't weaken." I respectfully disagree. It's a great life even if you DO weaken. And I saw you live that out as you weakened.

I hold you close to my heart always.



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