Friday, February 22, 2008

What Adventure Awaits Me Today?

Here is the morning offering prayer I pray every morning:

Lord, I do not know what will happen to me today. I only know nothing will happen that was not foreseen by you or directed to my greater good for all of eternity. I adore your holy and unfathomable plans, and submit to them with all my heart out of love for you, the Pope, and the immaculate heart of Mary.

I'm a morning person. The start of a new day excites me--who will I meet? what will happen? what new things will I learn about myself or God? will my life be forever different at the end of this day? how will things change? how will they stay the same? will I make good decisions? will I succeed at fighting laziness and lack of motivation?

I know one day there will be a day that I wished had never happened--the death of one dear to me, I imagine. That doesn't excite me. I dread that actually.

But something about the fact of change and movement through life is the interesting part--that I will be a different person at the end of this day than I am now.

Lord, may my actions and my words be glorifying to you. May I not deny you in ways large or small.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Total Eclipse of the Heart

Anyone remember that 80s song? I'm sure you understand that the reason it came to me was because of the gorgeous lunar eclipse last night. I was blessed to see it from my bed snuggled in, through my bedroom window.

It made me feel so small. (And then I kept thinking about the people living at the space station and how they weren't able to see it, but then not feeling too badly for them because they can see the beauty of the earth from space. But I digress....)

Definition of eclipse......n. 1.a. The partial or complete obscuring of one celestial body by another. b. The period of time during which such an obscuring occurs. 2. A decline into obscurity, disuse, or disgrace.

Interesting. If you think about an eclipse of the heart spiritually, based upon the definition, it could be a good event, or a bad event.

If I am completely obscured by Christ, then I will have attained the holiness and humility I pray for. (That's a long way away!) And it takes a period of time--it is a process.

If my heart goes through an eclipse based upon the second definition--a decline into obscurity, disuse, or disgrace--it is not good. Sometimes my heart does go there.

I pray my life is eclipsed by Christ. Because unlike the earth and the moon, He does not throw a shadow on me. He shines through me and is brighter than me on my own.

.......I've had a hiatus from blogging for a couple of months. I know my husband has faithfully checked in every day! It's been a quiet a good way. We are well into the contemplative period of lent as we prepare ourselves for the great celebration of Easter.

And for those of you who don't #3 is on the way. We are due in August. That is quite a story and another example of God's grace in our lives. Maybe I'll tell it sometime......