Friday, January 30, 2009

25 random things about me...

I was tagged on facebook to write 25 random things about me. Thought I'd put it here, too, because my husband is not on facebook and there may be things here that he may be interested to learn.

1. I love to go fast on the ground--cars, snowmobiles, ATVs--anything motorized.

2. I took a motorcycle class at the tech but never got my license because at the time I didn't know anyone I could enjoy going riding with.

3. I would love to be a school bus driver some day.

4. I seriously considered becoming a semi-truck driver in college (sense a theme here with motorized things?). I was too shy to talk on the CB so I ditched that idea.

5. Speaking of shy, I'm not anymore. I used to be painfully shy and quiet, though!

6. I have been present with several people at the exact moment of their death. It is a very sacred moment.

7. I haven't met an alcohol I didn't like.

8. I grew up Lutheran and Christian Reformed, attended a non-denominational church for about 20 years, and converted to the catholic faith 3 years ago. I have never felt closer to God than I do now.

9. I love to climb trees.

10. I don't like flying and think I would absolutely hate spelunking. I can't really think of any other phobias except maybe mucous. And that's not really a phobia--it just involuntarily triggers my gag reflex. And in the 15 years of hospice work I've done, I've had many people show me what they have spit/coughed up thinking I was the nurse instead of the social worker.

11. I'm a nerd in a pretty body. I like math and arctic expedition novels and historical fiction and graphs. (Ok--any other nerds reading this--don't get mad. I AM stereotyping, but not in a way that intends mockery)

12. I can not think of a single person I've ever met that I did not find something to appreciate. And I've met a lot of people. They are so interesting and I love their stories. I find it especially interesting to listen to the stories they choose to tell. I guess that's the social worker in me.

13. I would love to take a kayaking/camping trip along the shore of Lake Superior in Upper Michigan.

14. I really really like to shoot guns--any size, shape. The louder the better. I like to shoot my bow, too.

15. I would like to run a marathon once in my life just to say I did it.

16. I often think I'm dull.

17. Ever since I can remember (age 8 maybe?) I've sought to grow closer to God. Except for about 2 years in college, I can honestly say I've done that my whole life and continue to do so. When I get to heaven, I so want to hear, "Well done, good and faithful servant. You have been a woman after my own heart."

18. I'm running out of things about me. See--I knew I was dull. Just thought of something--I wear name brand clothes, but most are purchased at Goodwill, Saver's, or rummage sales.

19. I pray this prayer every morning: "Lord, I do not know what will happen to me today. I only know that nothing will happen that was not foreseen by you and directed to my greater good for all eternity. I adore your holy and unfathomable plans and submit to them with all my heart out of my love for you. Amen." A hospice patient many years ago dying of ALS asked me to say this prayer for him on his deathbed. He had me repeat it over and over for about 20 minutes until he fell asleep. He died 2 days later. I still think of him.

20. I find life is constant submission to God and practice in self-denial. Especially motherhood. And it is sooooo worth it. There is freedom in God's will.

21. I'm an excellent speler (ha! How many of you caught that?) and can actually visualize in my brain how a word is spelled. I once lost a 6th grade spelling bee in Mr. Herman's class with the word aspirin. I spelled it a-s-p-r-i-n. I've spelled it right ever since.

22. I love journals--not so much journalling, but the journals themselves. There is so much potential for a pretty journal, or one with nice crisp lines, or one with an embroidered leather cover. I have lots of empty ones just waiting for the right thing to journal about.

23. On a dreary, down day, give me a closet or cupboard to clean out and reorganize and I'm rejuvenated and happy.

24. I've never let a cigarette touch my lips. But I occasionally have dreams that I smoke, that I can feel the smoke going into my lungs when I inhale, and that I enjoy it in the dream. Weird. I have puffed on a cigar around a campfire on occasion, though.

25. I don't care for chocolate and I really dislike malts and hot fudge.