Sunday, October 7, 2007

Dorothy Had It Right

.....there's no place like home.

I spent a wonderful weekend with a friend of 22 years (why does that make me feel so old?)

I went to a conference and came home affirmed and supported and encouraged in my role as wife and mother.

I came home to a clean house--laundry done, bathroom cleaned (some of you heard about how disgusting my toilet was!!), the mudroom straightened, the kitchen/family room picked up, and a couple of little cards placed about the house for me to find. My boys came running and squealing to the back door when I walked in and gave me some big hugs. AND there was homemade apple pie and hotwings in the oven--Mmmmmmm! It made for a wonderful homecoming. I felt very loved.....and so did my husband! :)


Today is Respect Life Sunday. On my way home, I went through a small town. The streets and the corners were lined with people standing silently, holding signs that said, "Abortion kills babies." Several had their eyes closed and their lips were moving in prayer. I couldn't help give them a thumbs-up sign and make the sign of the cross as I drove by them to show them I was united to them in prayer.

I was so proud of my brothers and sisters and their stance against something so horrible.

May God have mercy on our country. And on the innocent babies who die every day.

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Anonymous said...

I just wanted to let you know that I happened across your blog and enjoy reading it often. Keep up the good work!