Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Backseat Conversation

I'm supposed to be exercising. But the pool cancelled the deepwater aquacise because of thunderstorms, so I was going to use the weight room....only halfway into the locker room I realized that as I had planned to be in the pool, I didn't have my tennies. So I drove home thinking I would do a workout video at home. I turned on the light to the tv room only to find the floor completely covered with toys and legos--no room to work out. Sigh. I feel like a slug. I mentally need a workout, but will have to wait until tomorrow. Sooo......

wanted to share a conversation overheard in my backseat today. One of the children was mine (name will be held), and the other child belongs to a friend (name will be held). It went something like this:

"Na-ah. You don't know God's secrets!"
"Uh huh! I do!"
"No. How can you know the secrets of GOD!?"
"I do!"
"No! No one can know God's secrets."
"Uh huh!"
"I do cuz God lives in my heart and he tells me them!"
(no response)

Really. How do you argue with that?

I'm sure these children had a more meaningful conversation today than many adults.

Continue to grow their faith, God!

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