Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Incredible Shrinking Woman

Remember that movie?? With Lily Tomlin? Am I aging myself? It's a movie about a woman who....well.....shrinks. Physically. As in shorter and shorter and smaller and smaller. So hold on to that image....

Today in our church liturgy we remember the martyrdom of John the Baptist. The gospel reading about his execution is Mark 6: 17-29. A meditation I read quoted John the Baptist from John 3:30:

"He must increase, but I must decrease."

So this morning when I read that, I thought, "I want to be the incredible shrinking woman where I decrease, but God increases." And I thought that I would try to practice that today. Here's how it went.....

While drinking my coffee, my son was preparing his breakfast. "Mama, can you help me pour the milk?" I was comfy on the couch. ((He must increase, but I must decrease)) "Ok, honey." I got my butt off of the couch. I shrank a little

Having just wiped up the mud dragged into the mudroom by children yesterday, same children ask "Can we go outside to play?" It's still muddy outside, and I want the clean floor to last at least an hour. ((He must increase, but I must decrease)) "No. Not right now. Stay in for a while and find something else to do." I got bigger.

Looking at the piles (and I mean PILES) of laundry, I pondered whether to try to get it caught up or leave it for another day, also considering a conversation with my husband recently about how one of the ways he feels loved is to come home to a house in order. ((He must increase, but I must decrease)) I did the laundry. I shrank a little.

Getting close to supper time, I was playing on the computer. My husband got home from work and I thought to myself that I should get supper ready. I also thought to myself that I had worked all day and deserved a little time to relax, no matter hubbie hadn't had any of that time yet. ((He must increase, but I must decrease)) I chose to stay planted in front of the computer. I got bigger.

Needless to say, I'm the same size now that I was this morning. Sigh. Tomorrow's another practice day. Maybe one of these days I'll succeed and be smaller at the end of the day than when I started the day.

I'll end with a quote related to this theme: "We will know God to the extent that we are set free from ourselves."--Pope Benedict XVI

Lord, set me free from myself!!!!

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