Monday, June 8, 2009

For Monday, June 8

Outside my window...the rain is falling off of the roof onto the deck. It is cold. Isn't this supposed to be June?

I am thinking...about how nice it would be if softball were called on account of rain tonight and we could all stay hunkered in with nowhere we need to go and nothing we need to do.

I am thankful many things, but especially right now a roof over our heads, a sleeping baby, and older boys who are playing quietly together without fighting.

From the learning rooms...We will homeschool our 6th grader this coming fall. I'm trying to decide where the easiest place is to put our schoolbooks. I'm thinking of using a little black metal shelf right off of the kitchen for our daily books. I'm trying to resist having to add any more shelving. We'll see how that goes since I just went through all of our books hoping to make more room. I cleared one shelf. Sigh. I received the planner today that I'm going to use. I'm chomping at the bit to start laying out the year.

From the kitchen...On the menu tonight is a simple dish, but loved by my family and warm for this cold, dreary day: Mix cut-up chorizo sausage, a can of black beans, a can of seasoned diced tomatoes, and a jumbalaya rice mix. I might throw in a loaf of bread, too.

I am wearing...a lightweight white 3/4 sleeve hoodie with a teal tank underneath, and very pale aqua fine-wale cords.

I am creating...a training schedule for the marathon my running buddies and I are going to run in September.

I am going...nowhere today! Yay!

I am reading...nothing at the moment. I need to make a trip soon to the library.

I am hearing...the rain outside of the patio door, and the muffled sounds of the computer game Jedi Night that my older boys are playing.

Around the house...This week I need to scrub my bathroom and pantry floors. I need to sweep and mop my mudroom, wash the loveseat slipcover, and wipe down the ceiling and walls of the upstairs bathroom.

One of my favorite treating myself to an extra cup of creamy, hot coffee on a rainy day in the later afternoon.

A few plans for the rest of the week... to prepare my house for the weekend guest we'll have, to do my 2-week menu plan and grocery shop, to get the bills caught up, and to make a trip in to the hobby shop of a nearby town where the boys have been begging to go for weeks now (shhhh! Don't tell them--it's a surprise!)

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

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