Saturday, October 20, 2007

Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign

For those of you not from the midwest, you are probably not familiar with the occasional signs posted in the rural home's front yard. They say things like, "eggs for sale", or "Rabbit for sale--fresh or frozen", or "firewood for camping $2.50/bundle", etc.

Last night we were driving to a pole barn party. It was early evening, the sun was starting to set. We drove along hilly, curvy country roads for about 45 minutes admiring the hues of the leaves, especially the top where the setting sun set the colors on fire.

We drove by a two-story white farmhouse. The barn was closer to the road than the house. The lawn was neatly trimmed, and a sign was posted on the lawn between the barn and the road. It said in handpainted red letters on a white background, "Hickory smokeing blox".

I said to my husband:

"I can understand spelling "blocks" like "blox" because it is more efficient. But "smokeing" is obviously spelled wrong, so it makes me wonder if "blox" is an intentional misspelling, or if the person who made the sign is just a really bad speller."

My husband replied the sign didn't make him wonder that. Hmmphf.

Sometimes it's easier to wonder those kinds of things than think about what's really going on inside my head.

And for a midwest classic......we drove by a cheese store/country store. It wasn't open. Instead of displaying the usual "Closed" sign, on the marquee was the word "SHUT".

It made me chuckle. "The store is SHUT," I said to my husband, "Not closed--SHUT!"

I think I need more sign diversions.

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