Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Unconditional Love

I'm called to love like Jesus did. And he loved me all the way to the cross. Yet how often do I truly love others with absolutely no strings attached? I mean, I don't tally it up or anything, but my feeling is that my love for others is completely pure less often than it is more.

The desire for a pure heart and the ability to love others well has been the persistent prayer of my heart for the last 4 years. God, change me! Why are you taking so long???

I want to love and care for others no matter what I do/do not receive in return. I want to love even if it's never returned, or if it's not returned in a way that makes me feel loved. I don't want to demand anything from those who love me. I don't want to pull for compliments or affirmations, I don't want to do things in order to be paid back. I want to be able to absorb unintentional hurt without reacting by withdrawing or shutting down my heart.

I'm made in God's image. God is love. I'm made to love. Like He does.

God, help me!!

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