Monday, September 3, 2007


We just returned from a wonderful family weekend--just the four of us. Times like that are few and far between and oh so precious. I get to sit back, look at my little guys and ponder how much they've grown, how little time before they leave home, and the wonderful personalities God has given them. My heart always lurches.

School starts tomorrow. I will miss them. Yet I look forward to watching how they will grow and learn. They will change.

Anticipation. There is change in the air. I feel it. I love the adventure of the unknown--the future....good and bad.

I've been thinking a lot about a prayer a friend of mine has been uttering every morning lately.....a simple "Yes, Lord." Before she starts her day. And probably in the midst of it--I'll have to ask her.

It challenges me. What do I say "yes" to, and what do I say "no" to? I want to say yes to all God brings my way.

I love a saying I heard once.....that God is not a "safe" God. He is good, loving, merciful, just....but not "safe". But despite the scariness of that unknown adventure, there is great anticipation to where he will lead me.

I want to say "yes." Like my friend does. Thank-you, friend!

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